Yoni Egg Exercises

For someone just starting their Yoni Egg practice, the amount of information online can be overwhelming. You may have heard about many types of Yoni Egg exercises including vaginal Kung fu, vaginal weight lifting, pompoir, and the Singapore grip.

The truth is, you can spend many years developing these skills and becoming a master yourself. But for the sake of this page, were going to stick to the basics.

If you’re not sure which type of Yoni Egg to start with, it’s all covered in our FAQ section. If you’re further along in the process and staring at your new egg with a sense of excitement and a little confusion, great!

Meeting Your New Yoni Egg

First, inspect your new Yoni Egg for any damages that may have occurred during shipping--external cracks, abrasions, chips etc. Internal cracks in the Rose Quartz Yoni Egg are natural, but eggs that are exteriorly damaged should be returned and exchanged for a replacement.

Next you’ll need to wash and sterilize your egg. After you’ve inspected your egg for damages and cleaned and sterilized it, you’re ready to go!

*Caution in Practicing Yoni Egg Exercises

Do not use a Yoni Egg if you have a sexually transmitted disease or infection
Women who are pregnant, have an IUD, or a prolapse should not use Yoni Eggs
Don’t do your jade egg practice while on you’re period
If you have a preexisting condition not mentioned here that especially affects your pelvic organs, please seek the advice of your medical professional before engaging in your jade egg practice

Create Your Sacred Space

There are many ways to use your Yoni Egg mainly predicated by your intent.

The care and intention with which you treat your jade egg practice will largely determine the benefits you see.

Yoni Eggs can be a great way to practice kegels or they can be much more than that.

They can be a powerful ally in transforming your spiritual, emotional, and sexual life.

Yoni Egg Exercise

  1. Find a safe, clean, comfortable space. You can light incense or play soft music to help relax

  2. Start with a gentle breast massage to stimulate hormone secretion and produce lubrication

  3. When you feel ready, insert your Yoni Egg into your vagina large end first

  4. Isolate and contract the anterior muscles of the vaginal orifice which will keep your Yoni Egg in

  5. Gently squeeze your Yoni Egg in the middle section of the vaginal canal until you feel you have a grip on it. Practice moving your egg up and down the length of the canal and keep your egg from popping out until you’re ready

  6. When out of breath, exhale and relax PC (pubococcygeus) muscle completely while keeping egg in

  7. On inhale, repeat step 5

  8. When finished, relax and push your egg out

*If your Yoni Egg has a drilled hole, insert a thin, strong, sanitary thread through the holes of the egg and tie a knot (natural, unflavored dental floss works great for this) Alternatively, you could thread both ends of the string through the hole and pull them through the loop to avoid tying a knot. Leave 10 inches or so for easy retrieval for if you don’t have the strength to push the egg out (but always try pushing your egg out first).

1. Find a clean, safe, comfortable space

Take time to find a nice spot where you won’t be interrupted when first starting with your Yoni Egg exercise. It can be your bedroom or sacred space or maybe your meditation hall.

Set the mood by lighting candles or incense and playing gentle music.

This is a special time for you and a great way to establish your jade egg practice is by creating a space with love and intention for this beautiful practice to unfold. You can begin your Yoni Egg exercise either lying down or standing in the horse stance.

*If you are just starting your Yoni Egg practice, you may want to stand over a towel or cloth in case you accidentally drop your egg.

2. Start with a gentle breast massage

When beginning your Yoni Egg exercise, a great way to warm yourself up is by massaging the breasts and nipples. This in turn stimulates the endocrine system and encourage arousal expanding the vagina and tells the bartholin glands to start producing lubrication.

All throughout your Yoni Egg exercise tune into your body. Direct your attention into your Yoni and be aware of how she feels. If this method doesn’t work for you, a natural lubrication supplement can also be used. Extra virgin coconut oil is a great choice or any other natural cooking oil that doesn’t cause a reaction.

3. When you feel ready, insert your Yoni Egg into your vagina

Start by slowly massaging the egg on and around the vulva. When you feel ready, gently insert the egg, large end first.

4. Isolate and contract your anterior vaginal muscles

Inhale and pull your Yoni Egg in with your outer vaginal muscles. Make sure to keep them contracted throughout the process to keep the egg in. If your Yoni Egg keeps falling out and you’ve just started your Yoni Egg practice, you may want to opt for a larger egg or do this exercise lying down.

5. Slightly squeeze your Yoni Egg with the middle section of the vaginal canal

Squeeze with the walls of the middle part of the vaginal canal until you feel you have a good grip on your egg. Inhale here again and squeeze harder, focusing on moving your egg up and down, starting with a slow motion and gradually increase the speed.

If you can tilt the egg even better! By sticking to your Yoni Egg exercise, you will eventually be able to discern and manipulate these muscles much like the ones in your hands.

6. When out of breath, relax PC muscles completely while keeping the egg in

When you feel like you need to release your breath, relax completely. It is important to relax between these repetitions to regain energy and focus your prana, chi, or sexual energy. Also it trains your muscles and vagina to be more supple. This is the point where the Yoni Egg might try to fall out so be ready to catch it. Try to keep your outer muscles contracted just enough to keep the egg from falling out during the rest period.

7. When you feel ready, begin another repetition

When you’re ready, inhale and use your muscles to draw the egg back into the middle vaginal canal. Work your egg up and down in the same fashion as step 5 and repeat this process

8. When your Yoni Egg exercise is finished, relax and push the egg out

When you feel like you’re done with your Yoni Egg exercise, (after about 30-45 minutes initially) simply relax and push the egg out. Another awesome aspect of the vagina is its ability to push things out. Just relax and feel the eggs power and presence, thank it for the healing and training it’s given you, and push like you would with a bowel movement.

Now Breathe and Melt

When you're done working with your egg, make sure to soften and melt into your yoni, allowing your lady parts to recover. This will increase softness and blood flow in the vagina making you more supple while adding strength and dexterity.

When you feel comfortable, you can start wearing your Yoni Egg during daily activities like Yoga, meditation, work, and eventually more active things like hiking, riding a bike, or even during sex.


This article should serve as a good foundation for you if your new to using a Yoni Egg. For more advanced exercises and guidance feel free to contact us.

Remember to clean your Yoni Egg thoroughly before and after use and to care for it as you would any sacred object in your life. With proper care and respect your jade egg practice is much more effective.

To familiarize yourself with your Yoni Egg, you can also sleep with it in.

The Nephrite Jade Egg is the stone recommended for longer use (8-12 hours) but you can also use the Rose Quartz and Obsidian stones. Exercise caution with these two stones however as their power can be sometimes more radical and rapidly transformative.

Always listen to your body and your Yoni. If the energy you get from the stones is ever too much, take a break. Spend time to journal or meditate or spend some time in nature to reground yourself.

Welcome to one of the most transformative journeys you may embark upon in your life! It's my sincere hope that this new way of relating to your body, mind, and spirit will help you along your path as it's helped so many other woman over the years.

If you have any other questions regarding the above material, please feel free to email us at support@lovingyoni.com. We’d love to hear from you!