What is a Yoni Egg?

Yoni Eggs

are sometimes referred to as Jade eggs, kegel eggs, or vagina eggs. They are smooth, polished, semi-precious stones designed to be worn inside the vagina to preserve physical beauty, cultivate Chi or life force, and increase fertility and sexual pleasure.

The practice of using these stones as Yoni Eggs is estimated to have been around for over 5,000 years. Originally, the secrets of the Yoni Egg practice were restricted to the Royal Court of the Chinese Royal Palace, their concubines, and select Taoist practitioners but today, many women the world over are beginning to discover this once protected and locked away secret.

What is a Yoni?

The term Yoni is a sanskrit word meaning the divine place of birth, source, and origin, as represented by the vulva and female reproductive organs.

It represents the seat of creation hosting the fertile soil to house the seed of life.
It has been worshipped in ancient cultures as the creative component of the universe, the matrix of generation, and the physical manifestation of Shakti, the female consort of Shiva, one of the principal deities in Hinduism.

Benefits of Using a Yoni Egg

  • Increases libido, sexual energy, sensuality, and Chi or vital life force

  • Stimulate new nerve growth, and gain mind blowing sensitivity able to be enjoyed by you and your partner

  • Increases natural lubrication and the power, frequency, and magnitude of orgasms

  • Walk through your daily life with an increased feminine glow and radiance that draws things to you

  • “Tighten things up” and gain control over muscles you never knew you had!

  • Prepares you for childbirth with less tearing of tissue and aids in recovery from post childbirth conditions

  • Helps you to develop a relationship with your yoni, your body, and yourself

  • Unleashes the creative power inside of you that’s been inaccessible and increase the rate at which you’re able to manifest

  • Increases the power of meditations, dreaming, Yoga, Qigong, and Tantra practices

  • Develops the strength of your pelvic floor alleviating issues with incontinence and decreasing the risk of pelvic organ prolapse

  • And many more!


How Does a Yoni Egg Work?

The pelvic floor is a complex network of muscles, connective tissues, and nerves that form a “basket” around pelvic organs. In women, this includes the bladder, uterus, rectum, and vagina.

In today’s world, many people sit for hours a day and even those that live more active lives tend to neglect this area of the body. This causes the pelvic floor to become atrophied and weak leading to lower blood flow and nerve connectivity.

Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi, and other energy workers agree this is an essential area of the body. A weak pelvic floor causes a bleeding out of vital life energy also known as “chi” or “prana” which leads to a whole host of negative symptoms.

Practicing kegels with Yoni Eggs works to counteract this. By consciously directing your attention and energy to your Yoni and pelvic floor and exercising with your Yoni Egg, you’re regaining blood flow, repairing damaged nerves and stimulating new nerve growth, while strengthening the entire pelvic floor and reducing the risk of pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence drastically.

Not only this, but in the vagina are acupressure points linked to major organs in the body! Just like acupuncture of the body, certain areas of the vagina are linked to vital organs. By gently massaging these areas with your Yoni Egg, you can benefit your kidneys, liver, heart, spleen, and lungs, and help keep emotional centers open. Not only will you begin to experience deeper sexual pleasure, but you’ll be keeping your organs and body happy as well!

Yoni Eggs Can Help You Have Better Sex!

Many women today report an inability to have orgasms. Some have never had an orgasm at all. This stems primarily from a lack of connection to their bodies due to emotional or sexual trauma, a sexually repressive culture, or just a plain lack of attention to their lady parts.

With regular Yoni Egg practice you can begin to build new neural pathways in the brain connecting to the nervous tissues in the vagina leading to heightened sensitivity, more arousal, and ultimately more orgasms!

Yoni Egg practice begins by stimulating the bartholin glands which are responsible for vaginal lubrication. One of the most immediate side effects you’ll begin to see when you start with your Yoni Egg is an increased wetness making intercourse much more pleasurable for you and your partner.

As you stay regular with your practice, you’ll begin to see more suppleness and strength of your vaginal walls. Your Yoni will become more youthful and elastic and this health will radiate through your entire body producing a glow people definitely notice!

You’ll be able to contract and relax your vaginal walls at will intensifying the experience of lovemaking and manually stimulating the orgasm process.

You don't say?

Did you know there are multiple types of orgasms women can experience which include but are not limited to clitoral, G-spot, uterine, cervical, throat, nipple, and heart orgasms?

That may sound crazy but in fact there are many more! Engaging in a frequent Yoni Egg practice, you’ll slowly begin to understand and awaken these parts of your body and clear the emotional energy blocking you from achieving these blissed out states.

* Like anything else, it’s different strokes for different folks. Take time to listen to your body, intuition, and emotions. Be experimental, openminded and trust the process.

Clear Blocked Energy and Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma is often times stored in various parts of the body, a primary spot being the Yoni. It doesn’t have to be sexually related or particularly painful to leave an impression on this sensitive area.

With frequent, regular Yoni Egg practice, new or old emotions may come up. This is a great time to journal, meditate, or reground yourself in nature.

Be sure to take time and allow space for these things to be dealt with as they are presented to you.

The sacral chakra, where the Yoni is located, is a primary energy center responsible for pleasure, creativity, and your sense of relationships with the world and other people.

Imbalances in this energy center can stifle your creative flow, cause you to relate to intimate partners, yourself, and the people around you in unhealthy ways, or keep you feeling numb or stuck in an emotion. Bringing your attention and awareness to this part of your body while practicing with the Yoni Egg opens and realigns the sacral chakra and gets things flowing again.

Each crystal is different. The healing properties of the Rose Quartz Yoni Egg, for instance, can be intense for some. While the energy is warm and mellow, it can cause rapid transformation which can be disorienting for new practitioners.

The Black Obsidian Yoni Egg can be even more dramatic. Frequent breaks are recommended initially to feel out each crystals effect. Also, the crystal compounds of each Yoni Egg can store energy and data that they’ve been exposed to.

With a steady practice you should be cleaning your egg physically before and after use as well as energetically cleansing your Yoni Egg every other day or so. This ensures the crystal is working at its maximum capacity.

How to Physically Clean Your Yoni Egg

First inspect your Yoni Egg for any damage that may have occurred during shipping. Your egg should be polished and smooth with no exterior cracks or abrasions. (The Rose Quartz Yoni Egg has internal cracks which are natural, safe, and characteristic of authentic Rose Quartz) If the egg is damaged, please send it back for a replacement.

Great care should be taken when cleansing your Yoni Egg. Because your egg and you are developing a relationship, your egg should be treated as an extension of yourself.

Always clean your Yoni Egg before and after use. This begins your relationship with it and will ensure that it is safe to use while ensuring you’re getting its maximum benefit .

To clean your stone, hold it under cool running water for thirty seconds or so while massaging it with your fingers and hands. Apply an organic unscented soap or diluted organic apple cider vinegar during this process. Make sure to rinse all soap off of your Yoni Egg before placing it on a lint free cloth to air dry.

You can also dab a cloth with a hard drinking alcohol like vodka and apply it to your egg. Never use rubbing alcohol as it may cause irritation when introduced to the sensitive areas of the Yoni. Again, make sure all of the cleaning agent is rinsed off with pure water.

Energetically Cleansing and Charging Your Yoni Egg

With frequent practice it is important to also energetically cleanse your egg. The crystalline structure of your Yoni Egg begins to pick up and store the vibrations of its environment and in today’s world, we are exposed to a myriad of different energies not all of them being positive.

The easiest way to energetically cleanse the Yoni Egg is by what’s called smudging. Simply burn White Sage or Palo Santo around the egg or bathe the egg in the smoke.

If you happen to have crystal bowls at home these can also be a great aid in resetting your egg. Just place your Yoni Egg in the middle of the bowl and start resonating.

The vibrations from the bowl will be picked up by the stone and its immediate environment forcing it to transmute or drop the impure energy it’s collected and be returned to its original pure state.

Yoni Egg Bath

Bathing your Yoni Egg in moonlight can have profound effects!

Charging your Yoni Egg can be done by placing it in moonlight (giving it feminine lunar energy) and letting it sit for the night or placing it in sunlight (masculine solar energy) and leaving it sit for a max of 2 hours. The sun’s energy can be very intense and if left too long it can actually drain your Yoni Egg of energy.

Mantra, music, and prayer are also very effective for charging your egg. These methods, when directed towards your egg, begin to energize it with white light. You can call the energy with your intention, visualize yourself being full of light that’s being channeled through you by the universe, and imagine it being passed through you and into your egg.

Shortly after cleaning, clearing, and charging your Yoni Egg, set your intentions with the practice.

Think of what you actually want from your stone. It can range anywhere from emotional, physical, and sexual healing, to manifesting new relationships or circumstances in your life. Your Yoni Egg is your faithful servant. It helps to protect you by absorbing negative energy while facilitating growth, new life, and positive events.

*It’s understandable that all of this may sound very “woo woo” to the average person. If you’re skeptical, challenge yourself to just try the things talked about on this page.

Be as scientific as you can be. Do your research, keep logs and journals, experiment, and keep an open mind.

Going through the motions mechanically by rote will still produce results but if you want to be really blown away, entertain some of these ideas, get into it and have fun!

Beginning Your Yoni Egg Practice!

Your Yoni Egg practice starts with simple Kegels. You may already be practicing Kegels but doing them with a Yoni Egg is like doing weight training for your vagina!

Also, you’re getting the added benefit of the healing properties of the crystal. With diligent practice, you’ll eventually be able to control different muscle groups in the Yoni and manipulate your egg like an expert. You may even get to an advanced level and begin learning “pompoir” also known as playing the flute or the singapore grip.

If you’ve opted for the drilled option you can even attach weights to your Yoni Egg upping the level of difficulty.

This being said, you don't need to do anything fancy to get major benefits from your Yoni Egg. It still works its magic just by being worn!

At first, you can simply sleep while wearing your Yoni Egg to get familiar with it. Your Yoni will start to play with your egg while you rest. Once you’re comfortable wearing your Yoni Egg, try meditating with it in, or wearing it to Yoga, Qigong, or just going about your daily life.

*Remember as with any exercise routine it’s important to rest. Relax and melt your pelvic floor after the contraction to simultaneously build strength and softness.

Picking Your Yoni Egg

Picking your first Yoni Egg is a very personal choice. There are many stones on the market today being sold as Yoni Eggs however, not all of these are safe or designed to be worn inside the Yoni.

Traditionally Taoist practitioners have used Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, and Nephrite Jade Eggs recognizing them for their powerful healing and transformative properties. These stones are time tested.

Yoni Egg FAQ's

These are some of the most common questions women have when starting their practice. If there is a question you have that wasn't answered here, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

The Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg Is Our #1 Pick For Beginners

A rare gemstone, Nephrite Jade has been highly regarded and cherished for thousands of years by many prehistoric cultures the world over.

Since the stone age, it has been fashioned into tools and weapons, used in rituals, ancient ceremonies and medicines. Said to unite heaven and earth, Nephrite Jade is a must have for serious spiritual aspirants and laypeople alike.

Because of its distinct characteristics, the Jade Yoni Egg has been the original stone of choice by the concubines and Empresses of ancient China.

For one, it’s absolutely easy to care for. Nephrite Jade is a super hard, non-porous semi precious stone with high thermal conductivity. You can drop it accidentally on a hard surface and it won’t crack, and then boil it to disinfect it with no problems. In the right hands, the Nephrite Jade Egg will last generations.

The Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg also has a very soft and nurturing vibration. While other stones might do their healing work by stirring up emotions, Jade eggs work much more smoothly and gently.

It's calming and protective of its wearer keeping her safeguarded from negative or low vibrational energy while simultaneously working with past traumas and energetic blockages.

The Jade egg's primary function is healing, especially the heart chakra and the reproductive organs in the Yoni. It also works with the adrenal glands and kidneys soothing stress and intensifying lovemaking.

Rose Quartz "The Lovers" Yoni Egg

This egg is the ultimate Yoni Egg for opening the heart chakra. It’s relaxed and soothing vibration eases tension and stress in the heart and opens up the Yoni practitioner for more love and caring in her relationships.

Deep love for yourself, family, friends, community, and especially romantic partners are cultivated when practicing with the Rose Quartz Yoni Egg. It increases communication between the womb and heart making it a powerful tool when manifesting and creating art and new relationships. You will begin to understand yourself in ways you never thought possible.

Because this Yoni Egg is quartz, it has a high vibration and can be intense for some users. The energy emitted is soft and loving but can be powerful. We recommend limiting the time of practice sessions initially to 30-60 minutes until you familiarize yourself with the stone and see how its energy affects you.

Black Obsidian "The Purifying" Yoni Egg

Forged from the violent innards of the earth, Black Obsidian is no stranger to harsh and intense energy. Obsidian is made when magma from volcanic activity undergoes rapid cooling due to exposure to air turning it into a smooth, black, glass.

It is no wonder that the Black Obsidian Yoni Egg is used primarily when dealing with painful or traumatic pasts or to promote energetic grounding in times of intense tumult.

This process gives the Black Obsidian Yoni Egg powerful and unique properties. Because of this, Yoni Egg practitioners should use this stone with caution.

It can often work quickly to bring up old experiences that need to be dealt with or help initiate rapid root and sacral chakra healing causing quick state changes in the wearer. To ease this process, start by wearing your Black Obsidian Yoni Egg for shorter periods (30min to 60min)

Black Obsidian is also a powerful protector. It is known for absorbing dark energies from the field around the wearer keeping her safe from unwanted forces. Because of this, your Black Obsidian Yoni Egg can build up an accumulation of energy and should be physically and energetically cleansed frequently to avoid an energetic backlog and to keep the stone working properly.

When your are just getting to know your Yoni Egg, it’s recommended that its not used in conjunction with other crystals for at least 2 weeks. This will familiarize you with your stone’s energy and you can scale up or down accordingly.

Women everywhere are rediscovering the benefits of this once highly guarded ancient secret! Are you ready?