Understanding Sexuality

The libido can be restored through a healthy yoni egg practice

Maintaining Sexual Health

Despite what one may think, it is possible to resurrect the vibrancy and efficacy of your pelvic floor at any age, and restore it to a more vital liveliness full of stamina, health, and tone.

When you increase the strength and dexterity of your pelvic floor, aside from the health benefits, you will also see a pronounced boost in your feminine radiance and personal power, accessing the sexual energy (or chi) that is stored in your sexual organs.

Sexual energy is absolutely one of the most powerful, creative forces in human beings, responsible for the creation of new life. It’s insane to think about how much time and money is wasted on making ourselves more physically fit and attractive on the exterior, when real beauty and magnetism is generated by healthy sexual power delivered by the sexual organs.

Connecting to Our Bodies

Many women don’t think about this region of their bodies and have thus lost their connection to it. It can represent a sensual dead zone made up of a collection of bad or poor experiences and a general misunderstanding of the impact this area of your body has on your life.

Yet, many cultures throughout the world worship this venerated piece of the female anatomy. They even have special training regimens set aside to cultivate and hone their ability to create and share their ultimate orgasm experience with their lovers.

The Pelvic Floor Muscles

The Pelvic Floor muscles are sometime referred to as “love muscles” because training and developing them is your perfect prescription for better lovemaking. While just getting a gist of what it takes to train these muscles will give you instant improvement in the bedroom, advanced practitioners are able to move and direct their internal muscle like moving their hands and stimulate their partners to climax without even moving their hips. They are able to tighten and loosen their lady parts at will, bestowing all of the love and grace of Shakti to their lovers.

The benefits of advanced practice don’t stop at blowing your partner away. If you keep it at, you will soon be able to have an orgasm whenever you want. By turning your mind inwards and pulsing and pumping your Pelvic Floor muscles, you will be able to stimulate your G-Spot and have orgasms whenever you desire.

As you awaken to your goddess nature and become better at letting go, all types of orgasm will begin to pass through you.

The Difference Between Women and Men

In the Tantric Arts, it is the woman who initiates the man in the bedroom. The woman’s responsibility is to groom and teach the man so that she may enjoy herself and ensure a successful exchanging of sexual energy.

Taoist men are smart to practice withholding their ejaculate. This enables them to better satisfy their partners and give them a chance of actually holding a candle to women sexually. While a woman could satisfy hordes of men in a single day, regardless of her desire to do so, a man has trouble pleasing even one woman.

It is generally true that a man’s sexual desire is more easily stirred than a woman’s. Men are easily excited and almost easier to please while heating a woman up is like bringing a cold pot of water to a boil. Women are much more complicated and harder to please. This is acknowledgement is essential in understanding and attaining the deepest sexual pleasures in the union of the opposites.

Although it’s for the most part true that heating a woman up is like bringing water to boil, women that spend time training their bodies, flexing, pulsing, and squeezing their juicy lady parts, will oftentimes have a libido that surpasses their fiery male counterparts.

Ancient Chinese sexual manuals teach us that men represent the Yang principle. Men, by nature, are fiery; always moving, always active, always ready. Men are symbolized by the Sun and their libido incorporates all of these attributes.

On the other end of the spectrum is women who represent the Yin principle. Women represent the attributes of darkness, cold like ice, completely still, receptive like a sacred vessel. Her symbol is the moon--mysterious and misunderstood.

As you practice, you will begin to develop a dexterity that allows you to draw from both of these primal forces allowing you access to more male and female energy as you need it. But, before sending you down the spectacular and wondrous  journey of Yoni discovery, there are a few things to consider.

Preliminary Considerations

All of this is about building trust in your intuition and a more intimate relationship with your body. Rushing through the natural unfolding of your Yoni Egg practice won’t do as much as taking your time and reaching a relative level of competence with each step of the process before moving on.

If initially your Yoni is too weak to hold on to your egg, try the exercises on their own. Even without using the added weight of your egg, you can gain superior strength, squeeze, and juiciness just by doing the exercises alone and sticking with the basics. The internal muscles around your Yoni are some of the fastest to respond to training. Just give it a few weeks.

After some time, your Yoni will grow in elasticity and its ability to contract. This is a great time to introduce your Yoni Egg into your exercise routine. As you grow in your practice and master the use of heavier and larger Yoni Eggs, you can begin training with smaller and smaller gems to add a level of difficulty.

Sleeping With Your Yoni Egg

Some women benefit the greatest from leaving their stones in overnight. Their Yoni will play with their egg throughout the night moving and tilting the egg about randomly. This too will develop your abilities and give your body a chance to familiarize itself with your egg.

This also gives much of the psychic and emotional work done by your Yoni Egg a chance to play itself out during the dreaming phase of sleep. This could be beneficial when dealing with particularly powerful or stirring emotions in conjunction with your dreamwork.

If you sleep with your egg in, try to remember when you wake up! Your Yoni Egg may have come out during the night or may try to make an escape when you relieve yourself during a trip to the bathroom. Other times you might expect a surprise exit are when sneezing, coughing, and laughing. As your Yoni Egg training progresses, this will cease and you will be able to retain your egg whenever you put your mind to it.

If you’ve chosen a drilled egg, you may choose to use a retrieval string. Unwaxed dental floss or another hygienic string that’s easily replaced will do the job. A drilled Yoni Egg will also offer you the ability to do some more advance, resistance based exercises in the future.

Where Attention Goes, Growth Follows

Understanding your libido, sexual fitness, and how it all can be improved through a simple training regimen lays a great foundation for cultivating a new and improved relationship with your Yoni and your body.

No matter your age, your condition can be improved upon. Growth doesn't necessarily happen easily or quickly but with dedicated and committed practice, you will start to see a whole new woman emerge like a lotus opening its petals in the soft sunlight.

I am deeply moved to be on this path with you! Please email me with any questions talia@lovingyoni.com or leave a comment here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.