Women’s Circles and 5 Reasons You Should Join One

Let’s Face it, Being a Woman Can be Tough. Many times we try to be everything to everyone filling hundreds of roles simultaneously. We put so many others’ needs ahead of our own leaving us to feel exhausted, depleted, and oftentimes lonely. There is an immense pressure to be beautiful, graceful, pleasant, a good listener, host, etc, etc… and the …

girl loving herself

Self Love – The Greatest Gift

No matter where I went, she followed me. If I changed jobs, found new friends and relationships, or relocated to a new state or country entirely, there she was! Despite my best efforts and all my pleading for space, she was my constant companion, staring back at me in the mirror. I used to be impatient with her, frustrated, and …

regina hall yoni egg

Regina Hall Stumps Conan With Jade Eggs!

Regina Hall is such an amazing woman. Glad she could teach Conan a few things about Yoni Eggs! It’s always cool when a practice so beautiful and esoteric reaches the main stream.  It’s fun to think about how many lives may have been changed just from this one clip.

yantra for yoni egg healing sacral chakra

Healing the Sacral Chakra

If you’ve been in the yoga scene for a while, you may have heard of chakras. But what exactly are they and why should you care? The word “chakra” means wheel in sanskrit. These “wheels” are energy vortexes responsible for how you interact with the world around you. In the physical body, they are represented by clusters of nerves and …

making friends with your shadow side

Make Friends With Your Shadow Side

In a world that seems to grow more sensitive by the minute, anything “negative” is quickly swept into a closet where the skeletons start to pile up. Well eventually, the door breaks open from the weight and all of those secrets come falling out onto the floor for everyone to see. It’s good to let the skeletons out of the …

kegel exercise

Kegel Exercise for Women

You’ve probably heard of Kegel’s but what are they exactly and why should you care? Kegel exercises are for strengthening the pelvic floor, the region of the body responsible for supporting the lower intestines, bladder, and reproductive organs. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscle, or PC (pubococcygeal) muscle can help with incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and can even give you more …

soul gazing

Soul Gazing 101

Well I can’t say I stared but I did catch a glimpse and what I saw was terrifying. It changed everything about how I related to people, especially women. In new age circles it’s called soul gazing…

In new age circles it’s called soul gazing or eye gazing and has been around for probably 1000’s of years.

Used to foster intimacy, trust, and understanding, testimonials of first time eye gazers is nothing short of outstanding.

To do it is simple–your partner and you look into each other’s eyes for 5 minutes of unbroken silence.

Sounded cool so I figured I’d try it out. Nothing to lose right? With very little convincing, I talked my then girlfriend into soul gazing with me (she was already into some meditating) She brought us out some cushions, smudged her room with some sage, lit a candle and dimmed the lights…

4 fun yoni egg exercises for the busy woman

4 Fun Yoni Egg Exercises for the Busy Woman

Your Yoni Egg has finally arrived in the mail! A cheeky smile appears on your face and you have visions of a new life where your skin glows, your intimate partner is blown away in the bedroom, and you’re able to lift super heavy objects with your incredibly strong vagina.

But like all the rest of us, you start out…

smudging your yoni egg

5 Ways to Energetically Clear and Charge Your Yoni Egg

Why is it important to clear and charge your Yoni Egg? In a given day, you’re exposed to a host of energies not all of them being positive. The crystalline structure of your egg can pick up the vibes of the energy you’re surrounded by. Keeping the energy free and flowing is a crucial piece of…