Advanced Yoni Egg Exercises

these advanced yoni egg exercises will make you beautifully deadly

For the ladies that are further along in their practice and looking for something more challenging, these advanced Yoni Egg exercises will take you to the next level.

Make sure you have a proper understanding of the fundamentals before moving on.

Sipping and Yawning

For this, you will want to be laying on your back. Start by gently touching your egg against the outside of your sacred gate with light applied pressure to keep your egg pressing against your inner labia.

As you inhale, try to sip and lightly squeeze the egg with the muscles that make up the opening of the vagina. As you exhale, allow your vagina to relax and yawn open naturally releasing its light grip on your egg without any bearing down on your pelvic organs.

This sipping and yawning exercise is basically isolating the very beginning of your vaginal canal and focuses on generating the ability to suck or pull things in with the vagina.

As you breathe, continue this process at your own pace, guiding your egg all the meanwhile with your fingers.

Over time, your ability to draw things in and contract will grow, as will your sensations during practice and your strength.

Eventually, the idea is to be able to draw your egg in hands free and ultimately graduate to a standing position doing the same. Doing this will dramatically increase your vaginal strength and gripping prowess.

Moving Your Egg Up and Down

You must master the ability to discern and contract individually the three separate chambers of the vagina before moving on to this exercise. Once you can do this, you’re ready to try moving your Yoni Egg up and down your sacred chamber.

Start by inserting your egg (see if you can pull it in hands free from the previous exercise!) and contracting your sacred gate. This will naturally pull your egg up your gate and into the next section, the sacred heart.

Here you will individually contract this section pulling your Yoni Egg even further and into the sacred apex.

Make sure to take the time to contract and pulse the sacred apex and perform a light squeeze on your egg.

See if you can relax and gently bear down from the top of your sacred apex with the same type of pressure that you would use during a bowel movement. This will start the descent of your egg back down your canal and into the successive chambers.

As your Yoni Egg practice advances, you can try moving your egg only partially down or partially up. So from your sacred gate to your sacred heart and back, or sacred heart to sacred apex and back.

Try to set the intention and use as much thoughtfulness as you can without stressing or straining. This is a process that delivers its best benefit and usefulness with a certain level of lightheartedness and fun.

Remember if it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.

When you can first do this with a larger egg, you may want to switch to a smaller stone to up the level of difficulty and match your experience level. Smaller Yoni Eggs are harder to detect with the internal muscles and help to grow our ability to detect, feel, and sense with our Yoni.

Moving Your Egg Left and Right

Once you have mastered squeezing from the sacred heart, it’s time to learn how to contract the enchanted side walls independently.

Here, you will begin by lifting the pelvic floor from one side and squeezing towards your center.

For an aid and to create a connection in your mind and set the intention, here are some helpful tools. We will start with the right side.

Look towards your right and try to keep your eyes there. Place your right hand on your hip. Start your pelvic floor lift with Yoni Egg inserted and intend to contract the right side of your vaginal canal only with your pelvic muscles as you flex towards your center.

Repeat in your mind the intention of “right” and maintain your gaze as you use the same breathing pattern we discussed earlier. Once you have obtained proficiency in squeezing from the sacred heart, accomplishing the independent movements of each side wall should come swiftly.

Repeat this process for 15-20 repetitions then begin working the other side. Always balance out your training by giving both sides equal opportunity to work.

If you are unable to detect these movements right away keep working at it. In short time you will be able to grip and flex with your side walls independently and do away with the physical aids.

Tilting Your Egg

Once you have reached high levels of proficiency with all 3 sacred sections of the Yoni, you can learn what is called tilting.

To tilt your Yoni Egg, it will need to be situated in your sacred heart, or the middle third of your vaginal canal. Close the beginning of the sacred heart while constricting the beginning of the sacred apex. This will cause your Yoni Egg to tilt backwards.

To tilt it forwards, keep the same bottom portion of your sacred heart closed while closing the top of your sacred apex. Practice alternating your Yoni Egg’s facing direction like this in a back to back fashion if you can for 15-20 repetitions using the same breathing techniques discussed prior.

This exercise is more difficult than the ones learned previously and will take time to learn. Be patient and keep practicing. When you can achieve this motion with your egg, you will have reached a very high level skill indeed.

Bringing It All Together

If you have reached this point in your advanced Yoni Egg practice, be very proud of yourself! You are in a select few of goddesses that have existed the world over. It’s time now to combine all of these movements.

Try moving your egg up and down, left and right, tilting it back and forth, and giving it little squeezes and pulses throughout. For almost all of these techniques, you will need to keep your sacred gate closed to keep the egg in and keep your movements isolated to the sacred heart and sacred apex.

When you have gone through all of the separate combinations of contracted and relaxed muscles, rest your Yoni and allow her to breathe and melt. Make sure to rest and not over-do it so you can become subtle, soft, and responsive as opposed to tight and rigid.

Ideally, this exercise should be done daily with or without your Yoni Egg. Even without your egg, you can imagine closing your gate around an invisible egg and moving and manipulating its position with the different contractions of your Yoni.

The great thing about exercising these muscles is that it can be done anywhere at anytime. In your car, grocery shopping, sitting at a desk, are all great times to connect with your body and be present with your Yoni. Try to get these repetitions in wherever you can to see the most benefit.


Tugging is a great introduction for you if you’re interested in trying vaginal weightlifting. You will need a drilled Yoni Egg for this with a string already inserted. With your egg in, try simply tugging the string lightly while inhaling and clenching your Yoni’s muscles while maintaining the retention of your egg.

As you exhale, slowly relieve the tugging pressure on your egg. You can repeat this for as many repetitions as you’d like as long as you avoid overtraining and fatigue.

This is a great substitute for weight training and can be done during any break to the bathroom or in the privacy of your own space. Use different levels of pressure and see how strong your muscles have become.

Also you can try different angles of pressure instead of just up and down. Try left and right, back and front, and circular patterns for tugging on your string. This tugging will help you to build amazing amounts of internal strength and suction and is an excellent addition to your Yoni training regimen.


Vaginal Weight Lifting

This is basically the same as tugging, except you will be using weights for the downward pressure. Depending on the size of your weight (anywhere from barely noticeable to upwards of 20lbs!) you will want to use an appropriately rated strength for the string in your egg.

Unused fishing line is hygenic and comes in many different levels of strength. For lighter weights, it’s best usually to use a small bag filled with either marbles or sand, and tie it to your string.

Using weights in this fashion is one of the best ways to build incredibly strong lady parts.

As you go up in weight, your vagina will need to recruit all of the extraneous muscles and fibers it can to help it with its work. Your cervix, ovaries, pelvic floor, and all of your gates will be engaged and firing in an attempt to keep your egg from falling as you clench. The heavier you decide to go, the more work your Yoni will have to do.

To get started, insert your Yoni Egg while either holding the string and weight or letting it rest on a nearby surface like a chair. Make sure you have a tight grip on your egg by inhaling and closing your sacred gate and constricting the walls of your sacred heart.

Once you feel your Yoni Egg is secure, slowly remove whatever support you are using to hold your weight and allow its full gravity to be supported only by your Yoni.

Hold on to your egg by maintaining your squeeze, all the while working to pull and suck your egg up. Maintain your hold for as long as you are able to. When you can’t hold anymore, just release the downward pressure by resting your weight on something or catching it with your hand.

Also be ready to catch your Yoni Egg should it accidentally fall and keep it from hitting the floor. Some Yoni Eggs like the Rose Quartz and Black Obsidian can break when hitting a hard surface.

If you can maintain your hold, contract even harder and engage the suction power of your sacred apex. If you can still maintain control of your egg, try rocking your pelvis back and forth and let your weight swing to engage even more muscles and range of motion.

Do this 40-50 times swinging back and forth in a controlled manner making sure to not go beyond your limits. This will drastically enhance your energy and the superiority of your Yoni.

To finish is simple. Again, grab your weight first and make sure you’re ready to catch your egg to avoid letting it hit the ground should it accidentally fall. Set your weight on your chair and allow your Yoni to just rest. If your Yoni Egg doesn’t come out on its own, expel your egg and give your Yoni time to recover for the day.

To see most improvement with your strength training, you will want to do this two or three times per week.. You can go up gradually in weight when you feel you’re ready by upping it half a pound at a time. It is not recommended to exceed 15-20lbs.

Two Yoni Eggs Together

Once you have become proficient in all of the exercises with one Yoni Egg, you may want to challenge yourself even more by adding a second egg to your practice.

Using two eggs at once, try moving them up and down, in different directions, and even tapping them together. This will produce a resonance inside your sacred chamber that will benefit all of the area inside and surrounding your Yoni.

Using two stones at once is a complex art to master but when you do, you’ll know that you’re at an elite level of expert. Don’t be afraid of experimentation. When it comes to Yoni training, experience is queen. Many of the things you’ll learn are only discovered through trial and error.

Avoid Over Exercising

Because many of the tissues and muscles in the Yoni are so subtle, you won't be able to rely on fatigue or soreness to let you know when you're tired.

Give your Yoni plenty of time to rest and avoid the tendency to overtrain. This helps maintain softness and strength while preventing imbalances.

Experience is Queen

Keeping a playful and curious attitude towards your practice will lead to the quickest results.

Once you have gone through the beginner exercises and feel that you have a good handle on them, try some of these advanced techniques. It's really only experience that will help you to develop a more intimate and knowledgeable relationship with your body.

Journaling can help to keep track of your progress as your practice evolves. If you can, try to document what you were able to accomplish during each session. You'll be blown away when you see your progress in intervals of weeks, month, and years.


Always consult your physician or Pelvic Floor Specialist before undertaking any Pelvic Floor exercises. Those who are pregnant have an infection, using an IUD or are menstruating should not be using Yoni Eggs.