Nephrite Jade Egg


Authentic Nephrite Jade is one of the most sought after materials in the world. The original stone of choice by Taoist practitioners for over 5000 years, this egg is our number one pick for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, and a great place to get started on your Yoni Egg journey. It works gently with the heart chakra and the reproductive organs while strengthening the pelvic floor.

GIA Certified Authentic Nephrite Jade

Drilled or Undrilled
Medium: 30x43mm
Comes with carrying pouch




The secret of the Nephrite Jade Egg is due largely to that material it’s made of. Nephrite Jade is one of the most miraculous stones on the planet. Quite a claim, but when you dig into its history, it has had a uniquely significant place in the lives of ancient and modern cultures the world over.

Why Do People Choose The Nephrite Jade Egg?

  • It is one of the best materials for aiding the female reproductive system and works closely with the heart chakra to heal and open channels in the heart
  • The stone is relatively heavy making it a great tool for kegels, strengthening, toning, and tightening the vagina
  • Nephrite Jade is a very hard, nonporous material making the egg difficult to crack and easy to clean
  • The energy of the Nephrite Jade Egg is gentle and nurturing unlike some other crystal eggs. You can wear the Jade Egg for longer periods of time

What Does the Nephrite Jade Egg Do?

The Nephrite Jade Egg is the best stone to use for Yoni practice. It is believed to bless whatever it comes in contact with. It facilitates grace, purity, compassion, and dreamwork and is a must have for serious spiritual aspirants and laypeople alike. It works to heal ailments with the liver, bladder, and spleen, and alleviates joint pain. It also is beneficial for the reproductive and endocrine system and is a cleansing stone balancing the Yoni’s Ph levels and works to maintain overall health. The Nephrite Jade Egg goes to work on her practitioner supporting happiness and harmony in work and relationships. It encourages abundance and draws the things you want into your life all while maintaining a calm, peaceful aura.

Nephrite Jade Egg

The Nephrite Jade Egg is your faithful and loyal servant

Spiritual and Energetic Effects

In addition, the energetic and spiritual properties of the Nephrite Jade Egg give it many non physical healing characteristics as well. Said to unite heaven and earth, it is a powerful tool when pulling divine wisdom from the ether and manifesting it into your physical life. Jade is frequently carved into talismans and amulets to ensure its owner of a long, prosperous, and peaceful life as well as an easy passing into the next world. It is thought of as a very useful tool when practicing personal alchemy transfiguring negative or painful energy into healing and tranquil vibes.

Nephrite Jade also is intimately linked to ancient nobility. When you work with the Jade egg you draw upon the ideals, emotions, and energy of that noble class and may notice carrying yourself in a more dignified and graceful manner. Your Nephrite Jade Egg will support the practice of magic and will inexplicably link you to the spirit world while safeguarding you from everyday and other-worldy energy vampires. It pulls in an abundance of divine spiritual energy while working intimately with the Yoni and can be drawn upon to radically transform your life. The Nephrite Jade Egg will help to awaken your heart, and encourages slowing down to smell the roses. You’ll feel an abundance of love that’s easily shared with yourself and others.

History of Nephrite Jade

Jade Egg BuddhaFor over 6,000 years, Jade has been mined and crafted into tools and weapons, used in medicines and ancient rituals. Royal families have furnished their homes and adorned their bodies with ornate Jade pieces, believing the Jade brought them wealth, health, peace, integrity, and many other things. Some noble characters would even be buried in elaborate Jade plated suits woven together with gold, silver, or silk. In the year 3000 BC, Jade became the “royal gem” of China.

There are two types of Jade, Jadeite and Nephrite, both made from slightly different compounds but relatively similar, both highly sought after in the Jade trade. Most of the original Jade deposits could be found in China and neighboring countries but due to intensive mining, China’s mines are all but depleted. Most Asian Jadeite Jade today comes from Burma with Canada supplying most of the world’s Nephrite Jade. Although Jadeite and Nephrite are very much alike, Nephrite Jade is the primary Jade used for the Jade egg because it is slightly softer and more resistant to cracking.

Ancient Healing

The word Nephrite is derived from the Greek word “nephros” meaning “kidney stone” and is actually believed to be a cure for many kidney ailments. The kidneys are directly attached to your adrenal glands which are responsible for producing cortisol, sex hormones, and regulating the metabolism and immune system.

Practicing with your Nephrite Jade Egg can balance these hormones. As a matter of fact, Nephrite Jade Eggs are known to help the entire renal system, helping the practitioner to recover after or avoid kidney stones and bladder infections. (*Note you should not be practicing with your Jade egg if you have an infection, prolapse, IUD, or are pregnant) The liver is also assisted in relieving itself of excess fluids and toxins and balancing the body’s ratio of water to salt.

Problems associated with the skeletal system including joint pain and bone loss are lessened when practicing with the Nephrite Jade Egg, especially when the problems stem from the hips or pelvis. Pain from physical healing can be managed better when using the Jade egg and it can regulate and lessen the duration and severity of menses symptoms.

Jade Mask

Jade played an important role in ancient Meso-American rituals

It is also known to heal many more parts of the body. Meso-Americans called jade the spleen stone noting its unusual abilities in remedying the maladies of this special organ. The Spanish conquistadors referred to Nephrite Jade as Piedra de Hijada which meant stone of the loin or stone of the flank. People all over the world recognized this magnificent stone as something special.

Ancient Lore

In ancient China, practicing medicine with Jade fell under the umbrella of strict laws and guidelines. To break a Jade object was punishable by death!

In other parts of Asia, Jade was ground down to the size of rice grains and ingested to strengthen the lungs, heart, and vocal cords and to increase the span of one’s life especially when mixed with gold and silver. A powerful concoction was brewed with this fine Jade, dew water, and rice, and was said to strengthen muscle and bone, calm the mind, and enrich the blood. The powerful elixir, when consumed on a regular basis, would create immunity to the feelings of hot and cold and hunger and thirst.

In old Chinese alchemy, the philosopher Khivan Gung said the contemplation of Jade illustrated nine of the highest attainments in humanity. The Jade’s gloss, polish, and softness represented benevolence. Its bright lustre showed knowledge. In its unbending structure lied righteousness. Its modesty and harmless nature aligned with virtuous action. Rarity and spotlessness were the signs of purity. In its everlasting nature was endurance. In the way it exposes its defects is ingenuousness. It retains its beauty and integrity from hand to hand showing moral conduct. And in the way, when struck, it produces a note that resonates and floats through the air, music. These are the qualities he believed esteemed men to the stone as a diviner of judgements.

Jade butterfly

The Jade butterfly is a symbol of change, transformation, joy, and love

Jade carved into a butterfly shape has very a special meaning in China. The story goes, a long time ago, a child chasing a multicolored butterfly soon found himself mistakenly on the property of a rich and powerful mandarin. Instead of being punished, as was the custom, the unplanned visit landed him with a wife, and he married the mandarin’s daughter. The Jade butterfly has thus become a symbol of love, and new bridegrooms frequently present these gifts to their new brides.

At weddings, many newlyweds drink from a ceremonial Jade rooster, derived from the legend of a young woman who frequently would spend time with her pet cock. One day, falling under the spell of heartbreak from her disenchanted human lover, she decided to end her life by throwing herself to the bottom of a well. The faithful rooster, upon seeing his dead mistress, jumped into the well and ended his own life to join her.

The Maoris, the indigenous peoples of New Zealand, had their own rituals for Jade. They designed a quite unfashionable neck piece called a “hei-tiki” out of Jade with crude depictions of the human face said to represent their departed ancestors. The piece was believed to give something of it’s owner’s Being to the next wearer. When the head of the family died, his neck piece was buried along with him only to be later retrieved, after the proper passing of time, by the next in line. If no survivor remained, the hei-tiki remained in the ground. So sought after and rare was this Jade that a shaman, or tohunga, was enlisted to help the Jade seeker find it. Upon arriving to the region where the Jade was thought to be, the shaman would enter a deep trance and communicate with the spirits that revealed its location. After awakening from the trance, he would then lead the party to the Jade’s location and the stone was named after the spirit that revealed it.

The Aztecs and Incas used ceremonial Jade knives to cut out the hearts of those they sacrificed to ensure the return of the sun and rain Gods.

Jade was also said to quicken the mind and increase intuition. Traders of antiquity would often often hold a piece in their right hand to ensure their tact and effectiveness when dealing and making business transactions.

The Greeks, recognizing Jade for its soothing color and affect, would place the stone on eyelids to remedy ailing vision or grind it into a powder and use it in solutions. It’s also been used to heal snake and rodent bites and cure digestive issues.

Caring for Your Egg

Because of the stone’s heavy workload, it can get bogged down with the energetic surplus of the things it’s helping you deal with. Because of this, it’s important to care properly and intimately for your Nephrite Jade Egg. For starters, it’s important to note that it’s not just a great workout tool or an addition to your nightstand (although it’s that as well!). It’s a powerful tool and ally in transforming your physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual life. The more intent and love you put into your Nephrite Jade Egg the more she gives back.

Find a nice place to keep your Nephrite Jade Egg when not using it. Keep it clean physically and energetically. Stow it on an altar or cherished space if you can. Remember it’s used in one of the most sacred spots of your body and it’s a sacred object itself. You can clean your Jade Egg by placing it in a pot of water mixed with tea tree oil or light organic apple cider vinegar and bring the water close to a boil. This will disinfect the egg. *It’s important to note, never boil your egg! It can change its crystalline structure and dilute its effectiveness.

Once the egg has cooled, wash it under pure running water and let it dry on a lint free cloth. With frequent practice it is important to also energetically cleanse your Jade egg. Your Jade Egg begins to pick up and store the vibrations of its environment and in today’s world, we are exposed to a myriad of different energies not all of them being positive.

One of the best ways to energetically cleanse your Nephrite Jade Egg is by smudging. You can burn White Sage or Palo Santo and wrap the smoke around your Jade egg and bathe her in the smoke to remove any negative accumulated energy.

If you have crystal bowls or singing bowls at home you can place your Nephrite Jade Egg in the middle of the bowl and start resonating. The vibrations from the bowl will be picked up by the stone and its immediate environment forcing it to transmute or drop the impure energy it’s collected and be returned to its original pure state.

Charging your Jade Egg can be done easily by setting your stone in the moonlight (giving it feminine lunar energy) and letting it sit for the night or placing it in sunlight (masculine solar energy) and leaving it sit for a max of 2 hours. The sun’s energy can be very intense and if left too long it can actually drain your Jade egg of energy.

Mantra, music, and prayer are also very effective for resetting the frequency of your Jade egg. These methods, when directed towards your egg, begin to charge her with pure white light. You can call forward the energy with your intention, visualize yourself being full of light that’s been given by the universe, and see it being channeled through you and into your Jade egg.

Shortly after cleaning, clearing, and charging your Yoni Egg, set your intentions with the practice. Think of what you actually want from your stone and let the Universe know. It can range anywhere from emotional, physical, and sexual healing, to manifesting new relationships or creating new circumstances in your life. The Nephrite Jade Egg is your faithful servant and aid. She helps to protect you by absorbing negative energy while facilitating growth, new life, and positive events.

Please allow 1-3 days for handling and 1-3 days for shipping

If you have an IUD, are pregnant, or have an internal infection, you should not be using Yoni Eggs

*All stones are unique in their appearance and may not look exactly as they do in their pictures. Each Yoni Egg is inspected before it is shipped but look closely for damage that may have occurred during shipping. Internal cracks on the Rose Quartz Eggs are natural but if there is any external damage on the eggs please notify us and send your products back in their original packaging for a refund or replacement.