“Unlock Your Goddess” Yoni Egg Set


If you aren’t sure which size or crystal to start with, or if you want to experience the different challenges of variable sizes and crystal types, this yoni egg set is for you! Start with the larger size and work your way down as you become more experienced. Mix and match with different types of stone and find the benefits of each. Work with the 3 Yoni Eggs traditionally used by Taoist practitioners or get a full set of one type. The choice is yours!

All stones are drilled
Comes with carrying pouch




Unlock your Goddess with a set of 3 Yoni Eggs! These are the eggs traditionally used by Taoist practitioners for thousands of years and have been time tested. All eggs in this Yoni Egg set are drilled and come in 3 different size, small, medium, and large. Mix and match with different stone types or get a full set of one type.

Choose 1 of 4 options:

Variety Set 1- Large Nephrite Jade Egg (45mmx30mm), Medium Obsidian Egg (40mmx25mm), and Small Rose Quartz Egg (32mmx20mm)

Variety Set 2-Large Nephrite Jade Egg (45mmx30mm), Medium Rose Quartz Egg (40mmx25mm), and Small Obsidian Egg (32mmx20mm)

Full Set of Natural Obsidian Eggs- Large (45mmx30mm), Medium (40mmx25mm), Small (32mmx20mm)


Full Set of Natural Rose Quartz Eggs- Large (45mmx30mm), Medium (40mmx25mm), Small (32mmx20mm)


Please allow 1-3 days for handling and 1-3 days for shipping

If you have an IUD, are pregnant, or have an internal infection, you should not be using Yoni Eggs. Read more about who should not use Yoni Eggs.

*All stones are unique in their appearance and may not look exactly as they do in their pictures. Each Yoni Egg is inspected before it is shipped but look closely for damage that may have occurred during shipping. Internal cracks on the Rose Quartz Eggs are natural but if there is any external damage on the eggs please notify us and send your products back in their original packaging for a refund or replacement.